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Miko Mini Mac Address Changes



  • Official comment
    Souparnika Hebbar

    Hello Andrew Stephenson! The values in the address change for security purposes. We are currently investigating this with our team and will keep you posted on the progress in the next few days.




  • Andrew Stephenson

    After looking at this some more, I guess that the manufacturer of Miko does not have enough Mac addresses to give every MiKo Mini a unique Mac address. As a result, each Miko Mini dynamically generates its Mac address at startup with the hope that if more that one Miko Mini is on the same network each one will have different Mac. If their Mac addresses match then that will cause networking problems. It looks like there can be 64K Mac addresses (88:00:33:77:x:x)

  • Souparnika Hebbar

    Hello Andrew Stephenson, We primarily use dynamic MAC addresses to enhance privacy and security.  When a device connects to a network, it typically broadcasts its MAC address. If this address is static (unchanging), it can be used to track the device's movements across different networks. By using a dynamic MAC address, which changes periodically, tracking a device over time and across different locations becomes much harder.  Each of our Miko mini devices also provides static Mac addresses. We typically provide this update of the static Mac address upon request if the dynamic Mac address is leading to any specific issues.


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