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How do I contact customer support?



  • candace twitchell

    Why has no one called me back? No chat person has responded. No REAL person has emailed????

  • Caroline Mcclinton

    Yes this is very terrible wish I would have ordered on with Amazon. So upset

  • Souparnika Hebbar

    candace twitchell Caroline Mcclinton We are sorry to hear that you are facing an issue. We tried reaching you but we were unable to connect. Kindly respond to our email with the right time to connect with you so that we can help you with the issue.

  • Joe Lisa

    I’ve been waiting to get a call back or a email but not a dang thing has come in.can someone give a call back so I can fix this piece of junk Amd waste of money or get my money back and refund


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